🍎 Motivations 🍏

Why there are motivations in the site of Escort Agency? Because we need it more than others. We should believe in success, trust in ourselves. How can we bring luck and prosperity to our customers? We should be best to motivate our affluent customers to make them happier, luckier, more sportive, and successful. Just the best people attract other best people. We are on the same wave. Plz, look all our 🇦🇪 Dubai escorts 🇫🇷 Paris Escorts 🇴🇲 Muscat Escorts, Escorts in Cyprus

I also need motivation. I want my life with positive and successful impressions.

Value of your desire. The beauty of the struggle, the value of the tests, the amount of the state, when no one is around, just you and your shadow, waiting for what you will do. When everything tells you to surrender, what makes go further. People just put an end to themselves, with such potential. These people give up so quickly, only some minimal difficulties appear, and that's all (they give up). There is a test of your character, that's what it is, a check for lice.

What is the real value of your dreams? Because at rest, when everything is calm, peaceful, then we know what we want, we know who we want to become. We quickly think about it, fantasize, in silence when nothing binds us; as soon as the heart begins to pound, financial problems arise, debts, bills, pressure from the world around you, wife, family, work. And you're a friend, begin to be content with what we have. We calm down. The most valuable thing you have, it is You, Yourself, you give up. Put a cross on the only thing that you own, on itself.

Systematize the problem, make a plan, train, then train again, improve, fall (to win). Understand that if one method fails, try another way in their variations, combinations.

After you have done something minimally, the brains start saying, "you know a man, you are well done, you did not do badly. You even made a record, you are already well done, you should be proud of yourself," and I start to minimize everything. I begin to justify myself explain to you why this result is also good, is it reasonable to be the second!? Then suddenly, I start thinking about something else; I remember how I dreamed of all this, how I dreamed of my defeats, my victories when you wake up in the middle of the night. You are in shock, cold sweat, that you were defeated in something, you do not wake up having achieved success in something, delight is a disappointment - all these emotions, from what was not there. All this in the future, these are just dreams, I feel it, I spent so much time on it, thought about it, counted everything, got ready, so many trained raised the bar. All this month after month, I got it already. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of thinking about it. I'm tired of preparing for this. So you went to hell, if you are not with me, then you have nowhere to go, if you don't want to be part of me, you can fall off, because I cross this line with or without you this time. Because I can't think about it anymore, today I'll put an end to it, and I continued the race, and everything inside me begins to go to hell.

Without faith, any path will be doubted if you have not studied everything before if you do not realize the value.

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