CIF escorts in Dubai

CIF escort service in Dubai

One of the most outspoken male fantasies, which shocks many women but incites masculine sexual passions - 💦😊😳 CIF is a situation where a man ends his sexual intercourse with ejaculation on his partner's face. In the CIF category, there are only girls who provide cum in face service in Dubai now.

Cum in Face is extra pay 500aed 👉 1 hour with CIF 2000-2500aed - ❤️ elite Dubai escort service, VIP Dolls escort agency in Emirates.

💦😊😳 CIF and CIM in Dubai is an exclusive service; just some girls provide it. Why? In reality, sperm pinching eyes. As for tweaking in the eyes is right; let it not get better in the eyes. Makeup is necessary to change after the CIF service in Emirates. Sometimes females ask beforehand to try not to get in the eyes or better close them in the finish moment. Cyprus escort

There is a theory that the ejaculation of the face results from an old belief about the magical purpose of sperm, not a single drop of which should fall to the ground. Allegedly, this habit is inherited from ancestors, although only a few contemporaries agree with Emirates' CIF assumption.

Men like to see their partner's face in sperm and anal. What attracts more? It is not the process, but the result, so to speak - the process and the visual one.

So a woman's face should be covered with a warm, slippery liquid flowing over her skin. Perhaps Dubai escort service CIF is a kind of fetish that diversifies the relationship contrary to common sense. Men like it when women swallow their sperm.

Advice to girls: If you are a real minx, add a little playfulness. After he finishes, spread the sperm over his face with his penis. Spit the sperm remaining in your mouth on his penis, and show him that you love every drop of it. He will no doubt remember this scene forever.

Psychologists say that for the majority of the more energetic sex, mania ejaculates on the face after 1-5 such ejaculations. By the type of "embodied the fantasy and calmed down."

Moreover, in the family's subsequent initiative, it is not the male, but the female, who is more likely to take action. Such a paradox!