Mistress: Domina in Dubai

👠 Mistress in Dubai

👠🌸 - Romantic Mistress, very light Domination, for example, she likes only Foot Fetish of her sexy fingers, and she can give you anal withe her strapon or Dildo Toy.

👠🌹 - Medium Mistress

👠😈 - Hard Mistress

We know our customers, who prefer to be slaves, ask so many services about light domination and even BDSM. There are more accessible services and not popular at all, but customers request them.

VIP Dominatrix services in Dubai:

Light Domination: this page, all Mistress provide it. In light of Domination, it will be Roleplay as you are a slave; the lady is dominant.

Dominatrix order you: 👋 masturbate, lick her feet with perfect pedicure (light - 👣 Foot Fetish, if intense BDSM - 😈👣 Foot Worship.

🃏 Light Domination as Role Play game: order to customers to masturbate by his hands his penis, spit to the customer, punish not obedient slave's ass and balls and penis.

👉🍩 Prostate massage (fingering) + 500aed, 🤜🍩 Fisting (BDSM) +500aed. You should inform before, as for this service Domina should have sterile medical gloves from the pharmacy. Anyway, you can buy gloves yourself.

Suits: Dominatrix Suit, Role Play Suit, 👙 Beautiful underwear, 👙🎁 panties thong as a souvenir after services (extra, depends on the cost of the underwear, will be twice price. If her underwear cost 1000aed, you pay for them 2000aed. If 100aed, you pay 200. If you need this service, inform before the price, which you aloud to pay, because our VIP girls prefer costly elite underwear)

💛🚿 Golden Shower +300aed on the way of customers

😈 BDSM with pain: When you take BDSM service, NO sex, just Mistress services, and extra pay 500aed. Punish 🏏 🥊 📌

🍌 Toys: Strapon, Dildo Toys, Vibrators +500aed

👗💄 Girl dressing up. Domina makes make-up with lipstick, mascara, shadow, and dressing her slave as the female: dress, stockings, women's bra, and underpants.

Other attributes 😷 gag (professional or Scotch), 🕯️ wax candle, 🎣 lash, whiplash, whipping, ⛓️ handcuffs, 🎗️ bondage/scotch bondage, 🎭 mask scarf for the blindfold, 🚬 cigarettes /smoking mistress, 📎 pin/ nipple clamp, enema -you should bring it yourself +1500aed.

Exclusive light domination & real BDSM by elite Mistress. HOT dominant ladies with Strapon, dildo toys, bondage & other attributes.